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Your reliable IT Strategy 


How to stay resilient without compromising on customer experience and business value

The COVID pandemic has taught us many valuable lessons. From an IT perspective, one learning is the need to stay flexible and resilient for any possible market disruption. Very often, this goal comes at a high price, which is the risk to dissatisfy clients and compromise on customer satisfaction. 

Do you want to be able to respond to new customer demands, changing market environments or rapid technology changes? Then you should , think about developing a reliable long term IT strategy that addresses the current reality of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

Join this webinar and learn how to build sustainable IT capabilities to thrive in the VUCA world and be ready for any possible future challenge.

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Niek van Raaij isDevOps and SRE Consultant at Xebia.

Niek is a passionate DevOps consultant with an entrepreneurial mindset who specializes in IT operations and DevOps. His focus area is translating strategy into execution, by working on multiple areas such as culture, governance, and technology.

Niek adheres to the principle “practice as you preach” by combining coaching and consulting skills with hands-on technical experience.

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