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We have Scrum teams, so we're ready to scale, right? 


Webinar On-demand about Scale Agile
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After building their first Scrum team according to the framework, nearly all organizations directly face the following challenge: how do we scale this approach to include the rest of the organization? Soon leaders will realize that simply training more Scrum Masters and Product Owners is not the answer. But, what is? 

Why should you watch this webinar? 

  • You want to apply Scrum to the entire organization.
  • You're curious how scaling will change your teams.
  • As a leader, you want to know what is required from you. 
  • You want to know what challenges your teams can expect.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding of a working Scrum team.
  • Clarity how to approach scaling Scrum.
  • Overview about the surrounding ecosystem.

For who?

Leadership / Change Manager / Agile roles like Scrum Master / Agile Coaches


Tom Siebeneicher-1Tom Siebeneicher, Agile Consultant, studied industrial engineering in Berlin, and during that, he had the chance to work abroad. While doing so, he challenged himself with cultural differences, language barriers, and unforeseen issues in classical project management. After his Master's degree, he started working as a consultant focusing on business transformation and project management. Over the past six years, Tom focused more on agile ways of working while being part of global digital transformations as a Scrum Master, Product Owner, or agile project manager.

Rik de Groot staand 1 Rik de Groot is Principal Agile Consultant at Xebia, where he has advised and guided organizations since 2007. Rik mainly helps businesses transform to Agile, including organizational structure, attitude, and behavior changes. Rik wrote the book "Agile - Pocketguide for Agile organizations" and he is an examiner for the Agile Master certification.



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