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Prioritizing, Ownership, Leadership and Autonomy in a context of Agile Portfolio Management


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Lean/Agile Portfolio management is an essential ingredient for modern organizations. It provides transparency on what is being worked on iteratively in the context of the bigger picture. It offers an opportunity to collaboratively inspect and adapt the journey towards the company’s objectives, while taking into account changes, setbacks and innovations that will occur during the delivery process.

Portfolio management is meant to provide an environment in which product owners can ensure the best return on investment for the company. It helps them to prioritize, and it provides a stage in which they can plan and show the awesome products or services they (will) provide.

Portfolio management is not a prison in which top managers determine the exact paths all employees should walk. It needs to support and enable creativity and entrepreneurship throughout all levels of the organization.

The agile manifesto states: “Individuals and interaction over processes and tools”. This definitely applies to portfolio management. It’s more about people working together than about formal processes and status reports.

During this webinar three experts will elaborate on the topic of how portfolio management should be done right:

  • What kind of leadership is required?
  • How do you organize fast and sensible prioritization?
  • How do teams work effectively together and how do they remain aligned while still maintaining a high level of autonomy?
  • How do you balance product ownership with organizational objectives or regulations?

Target Audience

Portfolio Managers, Digital or Agile Transformation Leads, and Digital/IT/Business Unit Leads.

Why should you attend?

This webinar will inspire you to set up and use Agile Portfolio Management, give insights into effective practices and how to eliminate typical bottlenecks.

The experts:

POA_MARC_ZWARTE_WAND_7033_HIGHRESMarc Oomen is Head of Marketing & Product Development at Port of Amsterdam, since 2015. He has a background in commercial and procurement leadership roles in beverages, airline catering and port management. He has a strong focus on customer centricity, digital transformation and continuous improvement. Marc is responsible for the transformation of classic product development at Port of Amsterdam into an Agile organization formed around value streams, since January 2020. He believes strongly in Agile leadership by delegating responsibilities to professionals with clear objectives in a transparent framework.

Robert_de_MoedRobert de Moed is Portfolio Manager at Philips DMEC (Digital Marketing and E-Commerce). His task is to structure value delivery and enable an Agile way of working at the same time. He previously helped the DMEC organization in its Agile transformation and has many years of experience building innovation capabilities within the organizations.


Theo-Gerrits_Xebia-AcademyTheo Gerrits started working in the ICT in 1994 and joined Xebia in 2007 as an Agile Consultant. He has performed multiple roles, such as business/management consultant, trainer/coach, (enterprise) architect, auditor, (business) analyst and project manager. Theo’s current interest is in Agile Performance Management: combining the Agile philosophy and a result-driven mindset to measurably enable organizations to achieve their objectives/goals.

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This webinar is part of Xebia webinar series on the topic of Portfolio Management, will address the above questions and help provide some insight for those, currently seeking to improve their Portfolio Management capability, regardless of where in the organization they find themselves.

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