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Domain Driven Design & Data Mesh

March 15, 2022

How to design a data mesh architecture with Domain-Driven Design and use data mesh principles for data management.

Date: March 15th, 2022
Time: 10:00 – 11:00 CET

The Data Mesh

Data mesh is a decentralized sociotechnical approach for data management. Focusing on the technology, we tend to neglect the socio aspect of moving to new decentralized approaches. If we want to invest in data mesh architecture work, we must also invest in the people to make our data mesh more sustainable. How do we make people feel responsible for the data they expose and use? How do we make data management meet business objectives instead of a bureaucratic burden.

Decentralized approaches, e.g. like microservices, have been around for a while now. And we notice similar patterns of companies moving to a microservices architecture happening again when moving towards data mesh. Join this webinar to learn from these experiences and prevent obstacles for the future.


What you’ll learn

  • Understand why a Data Mesh is a decentralized sociotechnical approach.
  • Learn about Domain-Driven Design and the definition of Domains.
  • Get a clear understanding how you can use collaborative modeling practices like Eventstorming to design an organization and domain architecture that is fit for data mesh.
  • Get insights into how the data mesh principles can prevent you from running into chaos and can aid in getting your data management up to par.
  • Learn about ‘federated computational governance’ and how metadata plays a vital role in your future data landscape
Register by using the form, and you will soon receive all information on how to access the webinar. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your speakers:

Kenny Baas-Schwegler

Kenny-1Kenny is a strategic software delivery consultant and software architect at Xebia. His focus is on socio-technical systems. Kenny blends IT approaches like Domain-Driven Design and Continuous Delivery and facilitates change with Deep Democracy by using visual and collaborative modelling practices like Eventstorming, Wardley mapping, context mapping and many more.


Peter Kromhout


As a Xebia Consultant, Peter has found his sweet spot on the intersection of architecture, consultancy and leadership, with a strong focus on data. By combining a strong curiosity with an analytical and conceptual way of thinking he’s become known for grasping complex architectural topics and solving the tougher problems his stakeholder face. He is able explain these topics in an understandable fashion to IT-, business- and executive stakeholders. Building relationships in the meantime by collaborating, knowledge sharing and working towards a joint objective.


Niels Zeilemaker

Niels Zeilemaker

Niels is Chief of Technology at GoDataDriven and works for a wide range of companies where he engineers features and builds models.

He has finished his Ph.D. thesis at the Technical University of Delft where he researched P2P systems, primarily focusing on privacy and cooperation, including applying encryption and anonymization techniques in the P2P domain.