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On-demand Webinar

DDD and data mesh - how to design a data mesh architecture with Domain-Driven Design


Data mesh is a decentralized sociotechnical approach for data management. Focusing on the technology, we tend to neglect the socio aspect of moving to new decentralized approaches. If we want to invest in data mesh architecture work, we must also invest in the people to make our data mesh more sustainable. How do we make people feel responsible for the data they expose and use? How do we make data management meet business objectives instead of a bureaucratic burden.

Decentralized approaches, e.g. like microservices, have been around for a while now. And we notice similar patterns of companies moving to a microservices architecture happening again when moving towards data mesh. Watch this webinar to learn from these experiences and prevent obstacles for the future.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Understand why a Data Mesh is a decentralized sociotechnical approach
  • Learn about Domain-Driven Design and the definition of Domains
  • Get a clear understanding how you can use collaborative modeling practices like Eventstorming to design an organization and domain architecture that is fit for data mesh
  • Get insights into how the data mesh principles can prevent you from running into chaos and can aid in getting your data management up to par
  • Learn about ‘federated computational governance’ and how metadata plays a vital role in your future data landscape