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Agile IT Architecture


Whether your organisation is already working in an Agile way or thinking about implementing  DevOps, be aware that this move is not limited to team set-ups and technology choices. End-to-end responsible teams, automated delivery processes and platform automation require an important enabling factor: an IT architecture that matches the desired agility and innovation power. This is Modern IT architecture, which breaks with the traditional ways of doing architecture, and requires a different mindset from its practitioners.

CI2017-Lely Logo-alternative_RED_CMYKLely, an international company offering innovative solutions for modern farming, adapted Modern IT Architecture to improve the services regarding farm infrastructure and remote access. 
In this webinar, you will learn how their fit for purpose solution architectures provide guidance for projects and focus on creating business value by delivering "just enough" architecture.

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Winfried Scheulderman

Winfried Scheulderman is Solution Architect and Consultant at Xebia.

With 30 years experience in information technology, he is versatile and experienced within Software Process Improvement, requirements analysis, architecture and auditing. A structured worker and holistic thinker, Winfried is capable of weighing business and technology interests against each other and come up with realistic solutions. 

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