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Tech Leadership Seminar

May 31, 2023

On the 31st of May, we will host the first LEAD Seminar in Amsterdam!

Some will call this a small-scale seminar but we like to call it exclusive. Which seminar allows you to connect with speakers and other attendees to deep-dive the topics even more? Well, at this one you can!

As a bonus, we can keep this exclusive seminar relatively low-priced cause we are a not-for-profit initiative. We do this to help the tech ecosystem and its people grow!

Why you should join the seminar

  • 10 Great talks that cover all aspects of being a leader in tech
  • Lots of opportunities to network & mingle
  • Connect with the speakers and have further in-depth discussions together
  • Meet peers and learn from each other
  • Learn in a safe and open environment
  • Great catering all day

Register Now

Check out the full schedule and secure your spot as this sort after seminar.