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Setting up Software Delivery for Success

January 26, 2023

The current business requires IT organizations to adopt a more flexible software delivery process. While DevOps teams strive for the required autonomy, the delivery process needs to remain compliant and at the same time accommodate the necessary scale.

During this seminar, we will share our experiences and hear from leaders in the market in setting up their software delivery for success. Learn how VodafoneZiggo invests in digitization and building the network of the future, what challenges they overcame, and how.

Key takeaways will be insights on:

  • How to take well-founded decisions on the future of your IT landscape. 
  • What insights into delivery process, team set up, and technical environment can bring you.
  • How to enable an increase of productivity of your DevOps teams.

We are proud to present the following program:

4:00 PM - Welcome and introduction
4:15 PM - Geert-Hinke Addink (Xebia/Qxperts) - CDaaS: introduce a flexible software delivery process while enabling the right security and compliance controls
4:30 PM - Pravesh Mahabali (VodafoneZiggo) - Role and growth of software delivery in the digital transformation era
5:30 PM - Dinner
6:30 PM - Dmitry Litosh (Xebia/Qxperts) - Improve software delivery and mitigate risks
7:30 PM - Drinks and networking

Location: Laapersveld 27, Hilversum

This seminar is intended for C level decision makers interested in streamlining their software delivery processes.

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