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No-Code Breakfast

ML System Design

June 06, 2023


Are you a machine learning practitioner struggling with designing, reasoning, and communicating about (larger) ML systems? Then this session is for you!

In this No-Code Breakfast, you will gain a thorough understanding of the technical intricacies of designing valuable, reliable and scalable ML systems. The session enables you to identify trade-offs and bottlenecks in a system. Plus, you'll learn how to effectively communicate and collaborate with other people and departments. There will be a mix of theory and practice. As we will share common methodologies and frameworks and apply them straight away to a real business case.

Get ready to develop your skills and knowledge in this exciting field!


What you’ll be able to do after the session

  • Evaluate technical bottlenecks and trade-offs in design proposals
  • Communicate designs by writing proposals following the Software Design Doc template.
  • Illustrate your designs and provide context by creating hierarchical architecture diagrams.



  • Importance of system design in ML
  • Design Docs
  • Requirements Engineering
  • System diagramming


  • Tuesday, June 6th
  • 8:30 – 10:30 CET (doors open, breakfast is served, from 8 AM onwards)
  • Xebia Data office, Wibautstraat 202, Amsterdam



Roy van Santen, Machine Learning Engineer
He is a pragmatic engineer interested in the latest technologies that will always choose the tool that best suits the job. He has a passion for building high-quality and highly maintainable software systems. To achieve this, he puts great effort into CI/CD, layered testing, monitoring/alerting, and special attention to documentation. He takes an agile and incremental approach to software. He goes by the motto: "If your model is not running in production, it does not exist". It is better to put a model in production that delivers some value than have none at all.


Roy van Santen


Jetze Schuurmans, Machine Learning Engineer
He is a Machine Learning Engineer with a focus on MLOps. He has a strong research background and actively dedicates his time to speaking at conferences and sharing knowledge open source in his spare time.

Jetze Schuurmans

We can't wait to see you there!


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