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APIs in Action

February 28, 2024

APIs in Action

APIs in Action is a virtual event discussing everything about APIs and API management - A hybrid, multicloud management platform for APIs across all environments. Learn from experts about today's innovative API architectures to accelerate growth, manage APIs across clouds and on-premises, accelerate your business, improve API discoverability, transform your existing services, and more!

  • Date: February, 28th | 11:00 AM- 6:00 PM ET



  • The role of API Management in Azure Integration Services with Mike Stephenson
  • API management for microservices in a hybrid and multi-cloud world with Tom Kerkhove
  • Leveraging API Management for OpenAI Applications/Use Azure API Management (APIM) to manage, secure, and scale your LLM-based applications with Elena Neroslavskaya and Chris Ayers
  • Azure API Management from a developer perspective with Toon Vanhoutte
  • OpenAPI now vs. the future with Darrel Miller
  • API Design First with SwaggerHub and Azure API Management with Joël Hébert
  • API DevEx with Josh Garverick
  • Better API Governance with Azure API Center with Massimo Crippa
  • Leverage Postman to Collaboratively Test your APIs from design to deployment and beyond with Sandeep Murusupalli and Garrett London
  • Build a warp speed time-to-market API with DAB, APIM and Azure Container Apps with Massimo Crippa
  • Harnessing the Power of Azure API Management: Building Robust and Secure API with Hamida Rebai
  • Building a resilient API landscape with Azure API Management with Tom Kerkhove
  • Enhance your API security posture with Microsoft Defender for APIs with Massimo Crippa
  • Gain Understanding of APIs and Integrations with Azure Application Insights with Dave Phelps
  • GitOps for API-Management with Christine Robinson and Maximiliane Ott

Featuring Xebia's Josh Garverick

Josh Garverick, Cloud Solutions Architect at Xebia 

Josh is a .NET developer, solution architect and Visual Studio ALM Ranger. His first language was BASIC in 1986. He started with .NET when it was introduced in 2003 and has been motoring along ever since. Within the past couple of years, Josh has been drawn to all things ALM, including trying to figure out how to build CI/CD environments that target multiple development stacks, for multiple SCMs as well as multiple OSes. He's a huge Docker fanboy and Nodebot enthusiast. He authored the book "Migrating to Azure", was a contributing author to "The Developer's Guide to Azure (2021)", and additionally is author of several online courses. Josh is a seasoned IT professional with more than 15 years’ enterprise experience working in several large industry verticals (finance, healthcare, transportation, logistics, retail/consumer products, oil & gas, insurance). He specializes in Digital Transformation as well as Application Lifecycle Management and is currently involved in enterprise cloud adoption projects. When not geeking out over technology and architecture frameworks, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.




Opps! This event was in the past.