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Meetup in Amsterdam

Software Design: Event Storming with the Experts

September 01, 2022


Designing software systems in a collaborative manner requires a shared view of the current system and the proposed solution. If you cannot align Business and IT on this view, your system will not deliver real business value. As Alberto Brandolini nicely puts it: "It is not the domain experts' knowledge that goes to production, it is the assumption of the developers that goes to production."

EventStorming is a lightweight, practical workshop format that allows you to create this shared view collaboratively. It allows you to reason about the current workings of the system collectively and/or design (features in) a new system.

Already familiar with EventStorming?
This workshop is your chance to model with the experts from Xebia. Learn more about all the coloured stickies or ways of modelling certain situations. Use this workshop as a way to gain experience and confidence to begin leveraging the power of EventStorming in your organization.

This meetup will be on-site, hands-on:
You will be divided into teams of approx. six people, including a Xebia expert. You will get the chance to do hands-on EventStorming with access to a domain expert working on a real-life case.
Experience the creation of a collective understanding and shared vocabulary of the current situation and to be able to reason about required improvement outcomes collectively. You will learn about all the colours involved in EventStorming and get that hands-on experience to boost your confidence and apply it.

17:30: Dinner
18:30 Workshop starts
20:30 end of meetup

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