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Lambda World Meetup

March 23, 2023

The second Lambda World Programming Meetup takes place March 23rd at the Celonis Office in Madrid, Spain.

This meetup will feature an in-person talk about the Q language by Jesús López-González, Senior Software Engineer at Habla Computing. In addition to this talk, attendees will enjoy food, drinks, networking, and good times.

# Q: Programming as a Tool of Thought

Talk Description

Shocking as it might sound, these one-liners in the Q language, "{(*/)1+til x}" and "{x{x,sum -2#x}/1 1}", implement the factorial and fibonacci functions, respectively. Yep. You might think that this terse syntax, commonly found in array programming languages, is the result of a quest for awkwardness and obfuscation, but nothing far from the truth: actually, it’s intended as a tool that will allow us to reason about our domain processes in a more effective way. This talk will unveil the design patterns underneath this syntax, and will relate them to familiar abstractions from functional programming (higher-order functions, functors, applicative programming, etc.). We will use Scala to exemplify equivalent implementations, and facilitate understanding. In sum, the takeaway of the talk is: do you like functional programming? Then, you are halfway through becoming a proficient Q developer!


Learn more information and register on the event's Meetup page. Space is limited, so register soon if you plan to attend.

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