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Intelligent Automation in Insurance: From Underwriting to Claims

May 22, 2024

An exclusive insurance event in Churchill's wartime bunker

Join Xebia and Appian for an insightful discussion on how Intelligent Automation is revolutionising the insurance industry, from underwriting to claims settlement. In this event, we will explore the importance of operational excellence and connectedness in insurance, focusing on how innovative technologies can drive efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Date: Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 | 18:15
Location: Churchill War Rooms, King Charles St, London SW1A 2AQ

Proudly hosted by:

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Key topics covered:

  1. Understanding the role of Intelligent Automation in insurance
  2. Enhancing operational processes from underwriting to claims settlement
  3. Strategies for achieving higher customer satisfaction and increased profitability
  4. Navigating compliance requirements and future-proofing technology investments

Event highlights:

  • Insights into the latest trends and advancements in intelligent automation within the insurance sector.
  • Use cases highlighting successful automation applications in insurance processes.
  • Understand the potential of Generative AI solutions in revolutionizing risk assessment and claims management.
  • Connect with industry experts and peers for networking and collaboration.
  • Enjoy refreshing canapés and drinks throughout the evening
  • Explore Churchill War Rooms, a historic venue with access to the museum

Meet the speakers:

Gjisbert Cox Akhilesh Natani

Gjisbert Cox
Industry Leader, Insurance, EMEA and APAC

Akhilesh Natani
Managing Director, Intelligent Automation

Visit Churchill War Rooms, the underground nerve centre where the British government directed the Second World War.

Evening agenda:

18:15: Guests arrive for a welcoming drink, and some brief networking and introductions.
18:30: Guests are seated for the evening's panel discussion:

  • Setting the scene: Exploring the role of intelligent automation in insurance
  • Insights deep-dive: Use cases on how insurers can enhance processes with automation and Generative AI
  • Roadmap to the future: The panel concludes by demonstrating a Generative AI solution, and sharing a hands-on strategy for transformation
  • Panel discussion and Q&A

19:30: The panel concludes, and we move to networking
20:00: Guests can continue networking or explore the war museum with an audio guide
21:00: Event concludes

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