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On-demand Webinar 

How to talk to your DATA with (or without) LLM


How to talk to your DATA

Welcome to the webinar held by GetInData | Part of Xebia in cooperation with Google Cloud.

In this webinar, we give you a brief understanding of what are essential challenges to measure, manage, and discuss business problems across the organization layers and what is the key to overcoming them.
What we discuss:

  • Challenges in independently accessing data analysis by decision-makers
  • What is a data model and why it matters
  • Why generation of SQL is not enough to make the value of data
  • Looker and data model management.


Meet The Webinar Speakers



Michał Krasowski
Data Engineer/Architect at GetInData | Part of Xebia
  • Designs and implements data solutions
  • Likes to focus on Business Value, has SAP background
  • Likes biking, good music, van traveling with family

Sebastian Grabski

Customer Engineer, Google Cloud

Over 20 years in the IT industry with extensive experience gained from working for major IT companies and startups. For the last few years, Sebastian has been closely involved with cloud technologies and digital transformation in the broadest sense. He currently works at Google, where he is responsible for the development and technical support of Google Cloud Platform partners.


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