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Google Workspace: A New Era for Work with AI

May 23, 2023

New IT innovations are springing up like mushrooms and loosen many tongues. At Xebia, we eagerly await the soon to be introduced AI-powered writing features in Google Docs and Gmail. This will definitely transform the way we work and collaborate!

To hear everything about the latest innovations and AI features of Google Workspace and its ecosystem, be sure to join A New Era For Work With AI, a live event on May 23rd at the Google Amsterdam office.

Hear from Google executives and technology partners about how to transform the way your teams work and collaborate. During this session, we'll explore how to:

  • Boost your organization's productivity by adopting familiar and easy to use solutions and devices powered by generative AI to deliver more fluid and dynamic workflows.
  • Protect your users and secure your data and devices from security breaches.
  • Blend your physical and digital workplaces to support your teams' creativity, communication and collaboration.
  • Embrace a culture of innovation that encourages efficiency and creativity.

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