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GenAI on AWS
– A Deep Dive into Amazon Bedrock


GenAI, Maturity Levels, and Chunking Large Texts with Amazon Bedrock

This webinar provides valuable insights into the world of generative AI and LLMs, offering a glimpse into their potential applications and the considerations organizations need to keep in mind when leveraging these technologies.

In this webinar, experts Tennyson Wu, Eva Bosma, and Krzysztof Kąkol discussed the capabilities and limitations of generative AI and LLMs, shedding light on their practical applications in business and technology.

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Tennyson Wu - Trainer at Xebia Academy


Eva foto




Tennyson Wu
Host, Analytics Translator Trainer at Xebia

Eva Bosma
GenAI Practice Lead at Xebia

Krzysztof Kąkol
Chief of Data Engineering at Xebia Poland and AWS Ambassador

Eva will highlight the versatility of generative AI, showcasing its ability to generate text, videos, images, and even code.

Meanwhile, Krzysztof will delve into the world of Large Language Models (LLMs), providing valuable insights into their training process and how they predict the most logical next word in a given context.

This webinar highlights three maturity levels of effectively using LLMs:

  1. Level one involves clever prompting, where a smart question is asked to the system to provide the right context for the best-estimated guess for the next word in a line. 
  2. Level two focuses on forcing the model to base its answer on a specific data set provided to the system. 
  3. Level three, known as connected agents, goes a step further by instructing the LLM to take a certain action or execute a specific task.

Watch this webinar to gain a deeper understanding of these cutting-edge technologies and their potential applications

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