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Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit

May 14, 2024
May 16, 2024

Xebia is a Platinum sponsor of Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit.

The opportunities for application innovation are nearly limitless — with strong leaders and technologists at the helm. Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit 2024 is the premier conference for application and software engineering executives and their teams to explore ways to navigate these opportunities and challenges head-on. 

The disruptive forces of AI and other emerging technologies are inspiring all stakeholders to dream big. Xebia is here as your partner to make those big dreams a reality.

  • Date: May 14th- 16th
  • Location: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV
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Visit Xebia in Booth #205

In a landscape where digital innovation is paramount for staying competitive, Xebia is committed to igniting transformation across industries. Join us to experience in-person demos, engage in discussions with our experts, and take a decisive step toward your digital evolution.

Explore a spectrum of transformative technologies:

  • Digital Products & Platforms: Dive into the realm of modernizing applications, unlocking the potential to develop and deploy digital products and platforms with unparalleled agility and precision, meeting the ever-evolving demands of consumers.
  • Applied & Generative AI: Embark on a journey into the integration of AI technologies, harnessing the power of data-driven insights and automation to optimize processes, personalize experiences, and gain a distinct competitive edge.
  • Cloud & Data Modernization: Unleash the power of cloud computing and modern data infrastructure, enabling businesses to scale efficiently, leverage real-time insights, and foster innovation throughout the organization.
  • Intelligent Automation: Discover how intelligent automation revolutionizes operations, seamlessly streamlining workflows, reducing manual intervention, and accelerating time-to-market—all while upholding the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Experience firsthand demos, engage with our experts, and propel your digital transformation forward.

Join Our Session

Xebia Fireside Chat: Digital Convergence in AI Era with Sephora, AT&T and Corporate One

  • Date: Thursday, May 16th at 11:15am PDT
  • Location: Milano Ballroom I Promenade Level

Join us as we speak with top tech leaders from Sephora, AT&T, and Corporate One to discover how they are working through the era of AI-Powered Digital Transformation.  Transformation has evolved significantly in recent years due to the evolution of platform ecosystems, rapid digital acceleration through COVID, and more recently scaled AI adoption. Today's agenda for digital leaders is focused on extracting value out of four core areas of technology convergence: Intelligent Automation, Applied & Generative AI, Cloud & Data Modernization, and Digital Products/Platforms. 

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