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From Code to Cloud - your journey to Azure

October 20, 2022

From Code to Cloud - your journey to Azure

Join this free one-hour webinar with Esteban Garcia, Robert Bremer, and Chris Wiederspan where they share their knowledge on Azure Cloud Transformations.


Date: 20 October
Time: 1 PM EST
Location: Virtual

Audience: You want to modernize your applications and want to enable your team to take full advantage of the cloud.  You are looking for guidance on DevOps practices and tools such as GitHub and how container technologies can help you in your Azure journey.


  • Chris Wiederspan (Director | App Innovation Specialist at Microsoft)
  • Esteban Garcia (CEO | Xpirit USA and Microsoft MVP and RD)
  • Robert Bremer (COO | Xpirit USA)

Why this webinar?

As your cloud journey turns towards innovation and modernization, it is natural to look at your applications and the way that those applications make it to the cloud.  This is where you truly start capitalizing on everything that the cloud has to offer.  By modernizing your applications and the process involved in moving your code from a developer’s laptop to that code running in Azure, you can increase operational efficiency, increase performance, lower costs, and, most importantly, increase employee engagement and happiness.

Cloud Innovation unlocks new technical skills and expands your business capabilities. Having a team that can innovate quickly and securely to shape how your customers interact with your products is powerful and can provide you with the edge needed to win those customers over.

We will start this webinar series with Xpirit and Microsoft experts discussing ways that companies can accomplish their innovation and modernization goals with Azure, including the skills and tools needed by developers to make an effective transition towards cloud-native development. We will talk about the options available in Azure and how to architect systems that take advantage of these technologies to deliver scalable and cost-effective solutions for your business.


We will start with a high-level overview of the Cloud adoption journey typically followed by organizations and where innovation and modernization take place. We will call out that technology-focused companies typically turn towards innovation faster, and that the reality is that every company should be operating as a software company. 

We will follow this by discussing the challenge of moving applications quickly from Code to Cloud and the different options available to enable developers. Tools such as GitHub.  We will also discuss the organizational changes needed to support this shift. 

We will then move towards Azure technologies that enable a Cloud Native approach, and the different pros/cons with each option.  Along the way, we’ll talk about enablement needed across development, operations, and other members of the team to be able to get there.