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Live Webinar 

FinOps Alliance Live: Saving on AWS Through Commitment Strategies

April 06, 2023


Livestream: Saving on AWS Through Commitment Strategies! 

With an omnipresent need to manage and control cloud spending, leveraging commitment strategies to get the right price for your workloads is key. In this upcoming livestream, Benjamin van der MaasMichel Zitman and Mudit Gupta discuss their experience in the field with this.

Join our livestream to:

  • Learn from our experience in the field with commitment strategies;
  • Learn from past mistakes we have made so you don't have to;
  • Get started with commitment strategies we commonly see;
  • Get the most out of your AWS Savings Plans and Reserved Instances.



  • Michel Zitman
  • Benjamin van der Maas
  • Mudit Gupta

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