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Data Learning Week  |  Live Workshop

Distributed Machine Learning - Scaling ML workflows with Apache Spark

April 08, 2024

Enhance Your Understanding of Scaling Learning Models with Apache Spark

Join a live Workshop with Nitin Bhushan, who will cover the following:

  • Distributed ML paradigms
  • Scaling ML workflows using Spark
  • Practical considerations



About the Workshop:

This session is perfect if you're looking to dive into distributed ML for the first time or are eager to enhance your understanding of scaling learning models with Apache Spark. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience in the field, this interactive hands-on taster will equip you with the knowledge and practical insights needed to conquer the challenges of scaling machine learning workflows.

  • When: April 08
  • Time: 3 PM CET | 9 AM GMT-4 
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Online Zoom


Nitin Bhushan

Meet the Speaker:
Nitin Bhushan

Nitin is an electrical engineer by trade who has an affinity for data and AI. His past experiences as a data scientist have been in the engineering sector, where he worked on use cases to reduce costs and improve quality and delivery. He also helped design the first Dutch applied study program in AI and Data Science using blended learning methods. During his free time, he enjoys rock climbing and bouldering.

He has an MSc. in Artificial Intelligence from Maastricht University and a Ph.D. in Data Science from the University of Groningen.

This Session is for You If:

  • You have no prior experience with distributed ML but want to change that
  • You are interested in scaling your ML workflows with Apache Spark
  • You want to understand the practical challenges involved in scaling machine learning workflows

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