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Data Learning Week  |  Live Workshop

Demystifying AI: A gentle introduction to Deep Learning

April 09, 2024

Are you excited about AI but have never had the chance to learn how it really works under the hood?

Join a live Workshop with Enrico Erler to demystify AI and start using it.

Workshop Agenda:
  • Live Showcases (e.g. using HuggingFace models):
    • Live object detection from webcam feed
    • Movie review classification  
    • Text generation with transformer
  • A gentle introduction to neural networks
    • What are neurons?
    • How do they form networks?
    • How do neural networks predict?
    • How do neural networks learn?
  • Practical exercise: Build your own small neural network with Tensorflow

Demystifying AI: A gentle introduction to Deep Learning


About the Workshop:

You will learn what neurons are, how they form neural networks, and how these neural networks can predict and learn from data. In the end, you will be able to build and improve your own small neural network. Whether you are completely new to data science or programming or already work in IT or a data-driven job, this two-hour webinar will guide you through the topic in a non-technical manner, with plenty of exercises and time to ask the questions you always wanted to be answered.

  • When: April 09
  • Time: 3-5 PM CET | 9-11 AM GMT-4
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Online on Zoom



Meet the Speaker:
Enrico Erler

Enrico has a background in computational neuroscience, where he used statistics and data science to study human behavior. He is passionate about statistics and has multiple years of experience teaching mathematics, statistics, and data science. In the last few years, his focus has been the field of Deep Learning.

This Session is for You If:

  • You don't know exactly how AI works. We will demystify AI for you.
  • You are afraid of Skynet and the Terminators taking over—or AI taking your job. We will clarify things by showing what AI really is.
  • You have no prior experience with Deep Learning, but want to change that. We will give you a gentle introduction to the mechanism behind AI. 

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