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Seminar | Zurich, CH

Journey to the Cloud

March 20, 2024

A Tale of Data Migration, Security, and Modernization with Google Cloud

Join this event at the Google Cloud Zürich Office to learn how leading organizations scale their business by migrating to Google Cloud, while ensuring optimal security and cost optimization. By attending this event, you will gain insights into managing sensitive workloads with Confidential Compute and best practices for data access and encryption. This event is ideal for business leaders, engineering managers, IT professionals and data engineers looking to overcome data management challenges and harness the power of Google Cloud while maintaining control of sensitive workloads.

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  • Date: Wednesday, March 20
  • Time: 15:30 - 19:00
  • Location: Google Zürich, Europaallee 8, 8004 Zurich, Switzerland


15:30 Doors open 
15:50 Welcome and Introduction - Jazz Kang
16:00 Migrating Truecaller's 40 Billion Daily Data Points to Google Cloud - Krzysztof Zarzycki
16:35 Break
16:50 Validating Terabytes of Data Daily at Just Eat - Floris Vink
17:25 Running Sensitive Workloads With Confidence - Jorge Liauw Calo
18:00 Apero

Migrating Truecaller's 40 Billion Daily Data Points to Google Cloud


To accommodate user growth, Truecaller, a global leader in call management, recently migrated the data of over 380 million active users and 40 billion generated data points daily to Google Cloud. This presentation will cover the tech choices made, combining native cloud services with hybrid open-source technologies to optimize costs and scalability. Additionally, you will gain insights into the transition from a centralized team to a decentralized one, leveraging multi-tenant Airflow, Kafka, BigQuery, and Spark to build a scalable self-service analytics platform in the cloud.

Validating Terabytes of Data Daily at Just Eat


Just Eat Takeaway migrated large data sets to Google Cloud. Join this session to gain valuable insights into the crucial aspect of maintaining data integrity during data warehouse migration. You will learn about the successful support provided to the migration team at Just Eat Takeaway in transferring extensive data from AWS to Google. The session will equip you with practical knowledge and real-world examples to confidently tackle similar data migration challenges.

Running Sensitive Workloads With Confidence

Migrate your workloads handling sensitive data to the Google Cloud and run them with confidence and peace of mind. We’ll show you in this session the most important threats for sensitive workloads and the best practices on how to run workloads containing sensitive data using Confidential Compute on Google Cloud. By putting Confidential Compute at center stage and implementing additional guardrails to remain in control of data access and encryption keys, you can have confidence in your workloads. As a result, yes you can move your sensitive workload to Google Cloud and benefit from Cloud innovations and power while maintaining control of your data and increasing productivity to go above and beyond compared to on-premise.


Jazz Kang

Jazz Kang - Xebia

Jazz Kang, London born, Technology, Strategy and Innovation Executive. Jazz has a passion for injecting start-up drive and culture into large-scale organizations through incubator projects to drive new approaches to traditional business and customer engagement models. He has pioneered projects for a wide range of companies with an impressive track history which includes projects in .com, cloud computing, data and confidential computing. Through the years, Jazz has cemented his place in the Digital Music industry with the “Digital Achievement of the Year” award in 2009. Jazz currently consults in Strategy and the adoption of cloud services.

Krzysztof Zarzycki

Krzysztof Zarzycki

Krzysztof is the co-founder and CTO of GetInData | Part of Xebia. Armed with a major in Computer Science from Warsaw University, he has spent 15 years paving the way in the field of big data, software, and AI. Krzysztof has worked in a range of roles, including engineer, architect, and consultant, which have led him to his current position as CTO. Krzysztof is passionate about the latest innovations in the data world, especially obsessed with advances around real-time processing, MLOps, and AI bringing real business value.

Floris Vink
Floris Vink

Floris is passionate about supporting organizations with their journey to the cloud and tackling the important challenges of modernization both in technology and organization concerns. Having helped many organizations pull their IT infrastructure over the line to Google Cloud he will be here to share his insights and experience and take us on a journey through one of our latest migrations with the company Just Eat.

Jorge Liauw Calo
Jorge Liauw Calo

Jorge Liauw Calo, Google Cloud Security Architect and Practice Lead Google Cloud Security at Xebia, is a Google Cloud Partner All-Star awardee known for his expertise in cloud security. Certified as a Google Cloud Security Professional and Architect, he's passionate about helping and educating others on the business benefits of Cloud and Cloud security. Jorge leads the Benelux Google Cloud User Group, inspiring through training and talks. Connect with him to explore innovative cloud security solutions.