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AWS User Group NL - 5th Year Anniversary at Xebia

November 08, 2022


Back where it all started on NOV 8, 2017: Xebia Amsterdam. We’re happy to invite you to the 5th year anniversary of

## Agenda

Agenda is subject to change.
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Welcome by Edze Knol & Martijn van Dongen
19:10 Scotty beam me up by Ric van Slooten
19:40 Develop Compliant Infrastructure by Joris Conijn
20:10 Short Break
20:15 Four Ways to Run Kotlin on AWS Lambda by Elena van Engelen-Maslova
20:45 Network Firewall Deep-Dive by Sidney Borrego y Diaz
21:15 Drinks & Networking
22:00 End

## Sessions

### Scotty beam me up

#### What needed to be done to handle beyond 1,000 bookings in less than minutes

Ric van Slooten, Business executive at Stranded Flight Solutions
Ric will take you along the journey of building the SaaS platform solving challenges like speed, cost, maintainability, scalability and more. He will share achievements in the area of speed, cost and scalability of the solution. More important for you, he will be open about the setbacks and the solutions - and everything in between - that made it possible to achieve the above. Join Ric to learn more during his presentation and let he inspire you to improve your own situation.

About Ric: Ric is an experienced international, strategic, senior executive. With expertise in sales, IT-development, project management, client success management. He is regular speaker and motivator on different occasions: Amadeus, AWS, IATA, WAF. Since 1995 a strong background in go-to-market of new SaaS-IT solutions for start-up and scale-up. Noted expert in IT (SaaS, Big data, digital transformation, IoT, API), across verticals (Aviation, HR, industry, supply chain).

### Develop Compliant Infrastructure

Joris Conijn, Cloud Consultant at Xebia
How do you know you are compliant? AWS Config will tell you when you deployed your infrastructure! Isn’t it better to prevent non-compliant resources to be deployed in the first place? Let’s see how we can use preventive and detective tools together.

About Joris: Joris has been working with the AWS cloud since 2009 and focussing on building event driven architectures. While working with the cloud from (almost) the start he has seen most of the services being launched. Joris strongly believes in automation and infrastructure as code and is open to learn new things and experiment with them, because that is the way to learn and grow. In his spare time he enjoys running and runs a small micro brewery from his home.

### Four Ways to Run Kotlin on AWS Lambda

Elena van Engelen, Senior Software Engineer at EDSN
AWS Lambda is a serverless compute cloud service which can reduce cost of execution and improve scalability for applications with unpredictable load. However it comes with cold starts and runtime restrictions which also affect JVM languages. In this talk we show how we can use Kotlin’s cross platform capabilities to overcome common problems JVM languages have on AWS Lambda.

About Elena: I’m a Senior Software Engineer at EDSN. My current interest is deep diving into Kotlin on Serverless cloud.

### Network Firewall Deep-Dive

Sidney Borrego y Diaz, Cloud Consultant at Xebia
In this session we’ll deep-dive into AWS Network Firewall service, an AWS-managed network security service that makes it easy to manage network protection for your AWS VPCs. During our talk we’ll go over:

  • What capabilities the service offers
  • The flexible rules engine
  • Its different deployment models
  • Some advanced use-cases

About Sidney: I’m an AWS enthusiast who likes to evangelize about how I think things should be done in AWS while trying to keep the balance between the real world and my AWS Valhalla.