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Appian Europe | London

November 15, 2023

Join us at Appian Europe 2023

Xebia is a proud sponsor of this year's Appian Europe Event 

This event showcases the forefront of business process automation, low-code development, and AI-powered solutions. Dive into a wealth of knowledge, network with top minds in the field, and embark on a journey to explore the future of digital transformation.
  • Date: Wednesday, 15 November, 2023
  • Location: Hilton London Metropole, 225 Edgware Rd, London W2 1JU, United Kingdom

Check more about the conference and get your tickets Appian Europe Website.

Our demo session at the Xebia booth

Experience the Game-Changing Power of AI on Appian

Revolutionize Your Workflow Automation with Xebia’s AI-Based Automatic Workflow Generator for Appian.

Are you tired of the painstaking process of creating workflows and spending countless hours trying to understand complex process flows? The manual work involved is not only tedious but also prone to costly errors. It's time for a transformation!

Introducing Xebia's cutting-edge solution, the first GenAI-based workflow modeling tool for Appian. It's unique and poised to change the game. Here's how it works:

  • Instant Workflow Generation: With our integrated search engine, you can find the standard workflow you need, and our GenAI technology (powered by OpenAI, ChatGPT, and more) will instantly generate it for you. No more starting from scratch!
  • Consistency and Efficiency: Say goodbye to errors and inconsistency in workflow design. Our AI ensures that every workflow is in line with industry standards.



What is in it for you:

  • Lightning-Fast Time-to-Market: Automate foundational work for quicker product launches.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: AI-driven workflows reduce errors and improve performance.
  • Competitive Edge: Stay ahead in fast-paced markets with AI-powered workflows.

Who Benefits:

Process Managers, Heads of Operations, and anyone looking to accelerate time-to-market, enhance development efficiency, and create error-free workflows will benefit from our solution.

Book a demo with us at the Appian Europe event on November 15 and experience the future of workflow automation.